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Steelhead Dreams

Steelhead Dreams- Matt Supinski

steelhead dreams by matt supinski

Back in action! The updated 12 year anniversary edition!

Fly fishing for steelhead is one of the sport's greatest challenges. The rewards are great for those who know the tackle, techniques and flies. Matt Supinski has devoted his life to the pursuit of these silver-sided warriors. After reading and studying this book you will know the correct way to approach the sport successfully.

Supinski presents what you need to know to hook winter- and summer-run steelhead: fly rod selection, fly lines, casting essentials, productive techniques for different types of water and water temperatures, strong knots, wading, line control and mending, selecting the right fly for specific situations, approaching and reading the water to find resting steelhead, knowing at what time of year and under what weather conditions to look for steelhead, and the complete biology and conservation needs of this most incredible fish.

Steelhead Dreams opens up a new level of fly fishing that will turn you into an addict of the "big grab" as you pursue the steelhead from one beautiful river to another, season to season. When that 10-pound steelhead takes your fly we guarantee that you will never forget that wondrous moment! Steelhead Dreams provides you with everything you need to hook more steelhead.

Steelhead Dreams by Matt Supinski- soft cover- 184 pages

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