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Andros Island Gotchas




This Gotcha variation was shown to us years ago and refined over the years by MRO's Brian Flechsig. This is THE fly to have for big bonefish! Just about the only fly you need on our Andros Island trips!

Basically a Gotcha style fly that has been beefed up a bit. We have added Spirit River's I-Balz at the head so that the fly sinks faster and gets down in the deeper water where giants are found. Secondly, we replaced Craft Fur for the wing with Arctic Fox and made it quite a bit fuller than your standard gotcha.

Also, we are now using the Gamakatsu B10S hook in a size 2. This hook is deadly on bonefish! We have been testing it now for a number of years and it's the hook to use. We don't worry that it's not stainless....we don't fish these flies more than a day or two anyways and even then you can rinse with your tackle at night and have no worries.

The MRO Andros Island Gotcha is sold here in the White Wing with Crystal body and the Tan Wing with Orange Crystal body.

Also used as a permit fly these days down in Belize. They love it!

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