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Maxima Chameleon




Maxima's exclusive Chameleon has the unique property of changing hues to match the color of the surroundings, for invisibility in water that is muddy or slightly stained. Originally designed for freshwater lakes, streams and rivers, Chameleon has the toughest finish of all brands of monofilament lines on the market. The abrasion resistance is fantastic!

For fly fishing purposes, Maxima Chameleon is primarily used for butt sections of leaders. Especially good for nymph and streamer leaders, it also makes for a good dry fly butt when you need the stiffness to help turn over larger flies....especially in windy situations. Very excellent choice for butt sections on sinking tips and sinking lines as well!!!

Maxima Chameleon

20lb = .017"
15lb = .015"
12lb = .013"
10lb = .012"

Sold here in the 27 yard leader wheels

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