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What a Trout Sees


A fish's eye view of the underwater world of the trout.

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what a trout sees book by geoff mueller
A fish's eye view of the underwater world of the trout- "What a Trout Sees".

Do trout snooze? If so, when do they do it? Does sleeping affect how they feed? And what about the barometer- does it's rising or falling impact feeding patterns? How much do fish need to eat, and under what conditions will they grow the largest?

Geoff Muller, acclaimed senior editor with the Drake Magazine, travels to some of the best trout habitat in America, talking with the experts, donning swim fins and mask to meet trout on their own turf. This authoritative, plain-speaking book shows us, for the first time, what the world is like under the water, from the fish's point of view.

For curious anglers interested in taking their skiill levels up a notch or two, "What a Trout Sees" offers the knowledge they need to meet trout on equal terms.

"What a Trout Sees"- by Geoff Mueller- PB- 197 pages

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