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Articulated Wiggle-Tail Shanks




Articulation for smaller trout flies now made easy. The Articulated Wiggle-Tail Shank offers a convenient way to tie articulated “wiggle-tails” or rear body sections on nymphs, emergers, small streamers and even dry flies!


* This simple product eliminates the need to “sacrifice a hook” to get a shank.
* A single product flexible enough for flies in the #6 to #18 hook size range.
* The long shank is easily trimmed to the tail length needed to match the size of fly being tied.
* By design the shank can be bent if a curved tail is desired on the fly.
* Wire diameter thin enough to tie articulated flies as small as #18 and even light enough for dry flies.

The Articulated Wiggle-Tail Shank is a simple product giving fly tiers new opportunities for creativity.

20 articulated wiggle-tail shanks per package

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