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Steelhead Guide- John Nagy


THE definitive work on Lake Erie Steelhead fishing by our good friend John Nagy.

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steelhead guide by John Nagy
 Fly Fishing Techniques and Strategies for Lake Erie Steelhead
The new updated and expanded 4th edition from John Nagy!
Whether novice or seasoned steelheader, this guidebook, written by Lake Erie Steelhead guide John Nagy, teaches you everything you need to know to hook-up with these magnificent fish. Steelhead Guide covers in detail how the techniques, equipment, flies, steelhead behavior, stream conditions and weather combine to produce a successful Lake Erie steelhead trip! A great resource!
The updated and expanded fourth edition of Steelhead Guide has 119 new and innovative steelhead fly patterns contributed by guides, fly tyers and steelhead fishermen from the Lake Erie region including 28 hot new tube flies. It also includes a new Deadly Dozen fly list, additional steelheader's tips and a humorous "Steelheader's Quiz." A new chapter on tube flies discussing their history, benefits, construction and use has been added as well as tube tying material sources, updated steelhead equipment recommendations and Lake Erie region fishery news. It also includes updated guide, tackle shop, lodging and dining lists, web sites, current smolt stocking lists and fishery data. New photos have been added as well as a new color insert section of the new fly patterns as well as steelhead photography taken in the Lake Erie region.
Steelhead Guide- John Nagy- PB- 304 pages

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