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Pheasant Tail Nymph

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pheasant tail nymph

Should need no introduction. One of the best nymphs of all time. Any nymph box should start with these.

The classic original Pheasant Tail pattern was designed by an English Riverkeeper named Frank Sawyer to imitate a number of nymph species. There are several American patterns that are a bit flashier with the addition of a peacock thorax and legs. This is a classic fly and has proven itself so well; no self-respecting nymph box should be without them. This fly pattern is an excellent mimic of any number of baetis and mayfly nymphs.

Pheasant Tail nymph sold here in sizes 12-18. Please note that these typically do not come with a red head like in the picture, they will typically be black. If this matters to you, please give us a call and of course we will do our best to get it right for you.

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