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Floatmaster In-Line Strike Indicators



May well be the perfect hard foam strike indicator. Just like the old ice fishing floats we used to use.

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floatmaster in line strike indicators 1/2"
Our local friends at Floatmaster bring us these "In-Line" teardrop hard foam strike indicators. Just like the old ice fishing floats that we used to use in the nineties! These have become our "go-to" indicators for just about anything!

How to use:
* Remove the rubber coated peg and moisten with saliva
* Slide your line through the slit in the indicator
* Move your line away from slot and insert peg to securely hold
* To adjust your depth just wet line and slightly retract peg.  Adjust depth and re-insert peg into hole.

Floatmaster In-Line Strike Indicators come in Yellow, Orange and White. 1/2 size here is the smallest they make.
Sold 3 per pack

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