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Boogle Bug

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Boogle BugsMany anglers measure popping bug value in dollars per bug. To them a $3 bug is a better value than a $6 bug. At BoogleBug® we measure popping bug value in dollars per fish. A $6 bug that catches 50 fish is a better value than a $3 bug that falls apart after 10 fish. Do the math! If you want real popping bug value, try some BoogleBugs® today.

* Premium Grade Cork Bodies
* Mustad Signature Hooks
* Strong Hook to Cork Bond
* Resilient Polymer Finish
* Clog-free Hook Eyes
* Quality Materials and Tying
boogle bug amnesia bug yella fella
Price: $4.99
boogle bullet mossy green
Price: $4.99
boogle bullet power pumpkin
Price: $4.99
boogle bullet solar flare
Price: $4.99
boogle bullet white
Price: $4.99
boogle popper black galaxy
Price: $4.99
boogle popper size 8 electric damsel
Price: $4.99
boogle popper solar flare
Price: $4.99
boogle popper pearly white
Price: $4.99