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Abel Automatics

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Abel Aluminum Handles

add on to a new or fit to an old reel

Price: $25.00 
Abel Blade
The finest
Price: $200.00 
Abel Classic Fly Reel
as the name implies- 3/4/5
Price: $450.00 
Abel Fish Graphics
Incredibly beautiful reels! Add a fish graphic to any Abel reel here!
Price: $200.00 
Abel Lanyard
perfect companion for the nippers!
Price: $25.00 
Abel Lube Kit
must have for Abel Reels- but good for others also
Price: $35.00 
Abel Nippers
just awesome!
Price: $50.00 
abel hybrid hemostats
leave it to Abel!
Price: $125.00 
Abel Nippers in custom colors
same price on colors
Price: $50.00 
Abel Nippers in fish graphics
hand painted
Price: $100.00 
Abel Plier/Knife Combo
another premium accessory
Price: $395.00 
Abel Pliers #2
simply some of the finest pliers made! #2 pliers and sheaths
Price: $155.00 
Abel Pliers #4
a bottle opener in the handle!
Price: $175.00 
Abel SD 4/5 black
sealed drag
Price: $550.00 
Abel SD 4/5 olive
sealed drag
Price: $625.00 
Abel Spey Reel
new for 2012
Price: $500.00 
Abel Super 12W

super wide- more backing

Price: $390.00 
Abel Super 3N
great 3/4 wt
Price: $450.00 
Abel Super 4N Fly Reel Brown Trout
absolutely gorgeous
Price: $700.00