Mad River Outfitters

Rainy's Flies and Supplies

galloup's peanut envy brown
must have
Price: $5.95 
galloup's peanut envy olive
one of the best
Price: $5.95 
galloup's peanut envy tan
great color
Price: $5.95 
galloup's peanut envy white
Price: $5.95 
puck's not so baby peacock fly
must have peacock fly
Price: $5.95 
Rainy's Dinks
foam slider bodies
Price: $3.99 
rainy's foam beetle fly
A local favorite
Price: $1.95 
Rainy's Pee Wee Pops
easy and effective bluegill poppers!
Price: $5.29 
Rainy's Popper Paint
flexible popper paint for foam
Price: $3.19 
Robrahn's Bluewater costa rican hooker
Go Big or Go Home
Price: $19.95 
Robrahn's Bluewater
absolutely huge!
Price: $19.95 
Robrahn's Bluewater Fly skip jack
Go Big or Go Home
Price: $19.95 
royal coachman bucktail streamer
classic bucktail
Price: $1.95 
lefty's shark and cuda fly chartreuse
Price: $5.95 
lefty's shark and cuda fly red orange
the one to have according to Lefty
Price: $5.95 
soft hackle pheasant tail wet fly
a classic
Price: $1.65 
squirrel micro zonker
cool little trout fly
Price: $2.95 
kelly galloups stacked blonde fly white
an improvement on an old classic!
Price: $4.50 
kelly galloups stacked blonde fly yellow
killer in yellow
Price: $4.50