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Rainy's Flies and Supplies

Kelly galloup's sex dungeon streamer fly natural
Price: $6.95 
Kelly galloup's sex dungeon streamer fly olive
sculpin olive
Price: $6.95 
Kelly galloup's sex dungeon streamer fly yellow
Price: $6.95 
galloup's bwo sunk spinner
Price: $1.95 
galloup's sunk spinner pmd
Kelly exclusive!
Price: $1.95 
Galloup's Sunk Spinner rusty
must have rusty spinner
Price: $1.95 
galloup's trick or treat fly
sexy little streamer from Kelly Galloup
Price: $3.75 
Galloup's Zoo Cougar
new colors!
Price: $3.95 
ehler's grim reaper black purple
Price: $5.95 
ehler's grim reaper fire tiger
fire tiger, rootbeer and black
Price: $5.95 
ehler's grim reaper rootbeer
fly rodder's jig and pig
Price: $5.95 
hex wiggle nymph
a michigan classic
Price: $2.50 
hi vis para ant
excellent choice
Price: $1.95 
jared's outlaw olive yellow
Price: $7.95 
jared's outlaw fly orange black
Price: $7.95 
jared's outlaw purple
Price: $7.95 
j's little devil fly chartreuse
crappie jig
Price: $2.29 
j's little devil fly orange
killer panfish and crappie
Price: $2.29 
kr lady bug fly
overlooked trout food
Price: $1.95