Mad River Outfitters

Wapsi Inc

Scud Back
Price: $1.95 
Sculpin Wool/Lambs Wool
variety of uses
Price: $1.95 
Sheer Wing
great winging material
Price: $2.25 
Sili Legs
Price: $2.25 
Sili Legs- Nymph Size
great addition to get their attention!
Price: $2.25 
3 fluid ounces
Price: $5.95 
Silver Pheasant Feathers
somewhat hard to find!
Price: $2.95 
Solid Plastic Eyes
looks real!
Price: $1.75 
Sow Bug & Scud Dubbing
Specialty blends for sow bugs and scuds.
Price: $1.99 
Sparkle Braid
for "crystal meth" egg patterns or wrap as a body
Price: $1.89 
Sponge Spider/Ant Bodies
bluegill killers!
Price: $1.75 
Squirrel Skins
Pine, Fox and Gray
Price: $12.95 
Squirrel Tails- Natural
natural fox and gray
Price: $2.50 
Squirrel Zonker Strips
gray, fox and pine
Price: $2.95 
Stomach Pump
find out what they are eating
Price: $8.95 
Streamer Hair

Icelandic wool
Price: $3.75 
Super 77 Foam Glue
best stuff we've found!
Price: $9.95 
Supreme Hair
soft and flexible- great for baitfish patterns
Price: $3.75