Mad River Outfitters

Wapsi Inc

Hen Back Patch
great for soft hackles!
Price: $4.75 
Hologram Dome Eyes
great for baitfish of all kinds and bass bugs
Price: $2.95 
Holographic Tinsel
cool stuff
Price: $1.49 
Hook and Bead Dish
single or double- great for the bench
Price: $4.50 
Indian Rooster Necks
Inexpensive necks
Price: $11.95 
Kaufmann's Stonefly Blends
Specialty Stonefly Dubbing
Price: $2.95 
Krystal Flash
The original!
Price: $3.95 
Lead Dumbell Eyes
standard lead eyes
Price: $1.39 
Lead Dumbell Eyes-Painted
makes life easy!- New size Large and color Chartreuse!
Price: $2.35 
Lead Dumbell Eyes-Plated
nickel plated
Price: $1.75 
Lead Tape
adhesive backed
Price: $3.75 
Lead Wire
Price: $2.49 
Leech Yarn
fuzzy leech yarn
Price: $1.50 
Life Cycle Caddis Dispenser
life cycle nymph dubbing
Price: $13.95 
Lightning Strike Football Indicators
great as strike indicator or float
Price: $4.19 
magnum ultra clear fly box 352 slits
352 slits
Price: $24.95 
magnum ultra clear fly box 470 slits
470 slits
Price: $24.95