Mad River Outfitters

Wapsi Inc

ultra thin fly box medium
best seller
Price: $9.95 
ultra thin fly box small
slot foam
Price: $7.95 
ultra thin fly box small
6 compartment
Price: $7.95 
Ultra Wire- Brassie Size
for flies 18-22
Price: $1.59 
Ultra Wire- Fine
fine ultra wire- gold, silver, copper
Price: $2.49 
Ultra Wire- Large
flies 6-12 or so
Price: $1.59 
Ultra Wire- Medium

medium wire in a variety of colors

Price: $1.59 
Ultra-Thread 70 denier
exta-strong, silky smooth threads
Price: $1.69 
Uni Big Fly Thread
400 denier!
Price: $3.09 
dave whitlock coldwater set of 4 coffee mugs
coldwater set of 4
Price: $79.95 
dave whitlock warmwater set of 4 coffee mugs
warmwater set of 4
Price: $79.95 
Wood Duck
beautiful feathers!
Price: $3.95 
Wood Duck Black and White
popular for salmon fly patterns
Price: $4.00