Mad River Outfitters

Umpqua Feather Merchants

taylors fat albert fly brown
THE other fly for small size!
Price: $2.75 
Fat Caddis
Price: $2.29 
Fat Caddis tan
Price: $2.29 
Fat head spruce moth fly
Perfect Spruce Moth!
Price: $2.50 
fishalicious black olive
Great inshore pattern
Price: $4.95 
fishalicious red white
Price: $4.95 
flesh fly
Price: $2.50 
flying ant dry fly
standard fur ant
Price: $1.95 
fur ant fly pattern
Price: $1.75 
G/S Roosta streamer fly
hot new baitfish
Price: $7.95 
Game Changer fly Blaine Chocklett
The name says it all!
Price: $9.95 
Glint Nymph opal
Awesome new pattern
Price: $2.50 
Glint Nymph orange
Price: $2.50 
Glint Nymph red
Price: $2.50 
Glint Nymph yellow
Price: $2.50 
glo bug egg fly chartreuse
Price: $1.29