Mad River Outfitters

Umpqua Feather Merchants

Schmidterbug jitterbug fly black
Price: $5.50 
Schmidterbug jitterbug fly yellow coachdog
Price: $5.50 
ray schmidt's antron bug hex
great all-around salmon/steelhead nymph
Price: $2.50 
ray schmidt's antron bug in shrimp
great all-around Salmon/Steelhead nymph
Price: $2.50 
Ray Schmidt's Caddis Larva
classic rock worm pattern
Price: $2.50 
ray schmidt's egg sucking leech
Now 50% OFF
Price: $1.25 
ray schmidt's steelhead wooly bugger
One of our favorite flies
Price: $2.50 
dahlberg skipper frog
designed to be dragged over moss or lilly pads
Price: $5.95 
sockeye salmon fishing fly
Price: $2.50 
spent partridge caddis
a great, overlooked caddis pattern
Price: $1.65 
Spook-R fly black gold
Walk the Dog
Price: $10.95 
Spook-R fly sexy shad
Walk the Dog
Price: $10.95 
steve's firefly
one of our favorites
Price: $2.50 
steve's japanese beetle fly
great fly
Price: $2.50 
jim stewart's dancing frog fly
one of our favorite frog patterns
Price: $6.95 
string o flesh
must have for Alaska
Price: $4.95 
umpqua swimming frog
great tie!
Price: $7.95