Mad River Outfitters

Spirit River

Bloody Mary- B.H.

bloody good pattern!
Price: $1.75 
Crab Bodies
Price: $2.49 
Price: $3.49 
Fibetts Nylon Tailing Material
the ultimate mayfly tails!
Price: $2.69 
Fine & Dry Dispensers
Great dry fly dubbing...great color selections
Price: $11.95 
Fine & Dry Dubbing
Great dry fly dubbing!
Price: $1.75 
Fishy's Baby Crayfish
great shallow/slow water pattern
Price: $1.00 
Fishy's Creepy Crawly Spider
very unique fly!
Price: $1.95 
Gold Bead Flashabou Caddis
a must have!
Price: $1.65 
Green Drake
great pattern
Price: $1.75 
Green Drake Spinner- Coffin Fly
classic pattern
Price: $1.75 
Green Flashabou Caddis
simpe BH caddis larva
Price: $1.75 
Hopper Legs on a Stick
let someone else do the hard part!
Price: $4.95 
Hot Beads
cool colors!
Price: $5.89 
Hot Cones
great for steelhead buggers
Price: $5.39 
cool design!
Price: $5.79 
Jelly Rope
soft plastic cord for wrapping segmented bodies
Price: $1.75