Mad River Outfitters

Rio Products Intl Inc

Rio Outbound
Price: $79.95 
Rio Outbound Short
for lighter rods/shorter casts
Price: $79.95 
Rio Permit
winner best new sw line
Price: $89.95 
Rio Powerflex Core Shooting Line
a favorite running line of Michigan guides!
Price: $39.95 
Rio Powerflex Tippet
great choice
Price: $4.95 
Rio Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet
great stuff
Price: $17.95 
Rio Saltwater Leaders
general purpose
Price: $4.95 
Rio Saltwater Tippet
we use for freshwater also
Price: $4.95 
Rio Shooting Head Wallets
two sizes
Price: $24.95 
RIO Skagit Flight Head
sweet- and now 1/2 Price
Price: $24.98 
rio skagit max shooting head
may be the ultimate
Price: $54.95