Mad River Outfitters

Raymond C. Rumpf and Son

North Platte- River Journal
Eric Pettine- PB
Price: $15.95 
Nymphing by the Numbers- DVD
a great new DVD from Kelly Galloup
Price: $34.95 
Oregon- Fly Fisher's Guide to
John Huber- PB
Price: $28.95 
Ozarks Blue Ribbon Trout Streams
Danny Hicks- PB
Price: $19.95 
Pop Fleyes
Ed Jaworski & Bob Popovics- HB
Price: $39.95 
River Pimp
Eric Stroup- PB
Price: $24.95 
Saltwater Fly Patterns
Lefty Kreh- SP
Price: $22.95 
Seaguar Grand Max Tippet
best selling fluoro
Price: $18.95 
Sex, Death and Fly Fishing
John Gierach- PB
Price: $13.00 
Skid-Proof Hackle Pliers
traditional style
Price: $1.90 
Skip's Turn-On Indicators
cool idea!
Price: $6.95 
Smallmouth Fly Fishing
Tim Holschlag- PB
Price: $29.95 
Spinning Deer Hair
Chris Helm- DVD
Price: $24.95 
Spring Creek Strategies
Mike Heck- HB
Price: $34.95 
Spring Creeks
Mike Lawson- HB
Price: $59.95