Mad River Outfitters


Orvis Hydros Superfine Fly Line
our choice for slower rods
Price: $79.00 
orvis magnetic net holder
the original!
Price: $34.00 
Orvis Mirage
excellent fluorocarbon
Price: $14.95 
orvis mirage big game 4 fly reel
new color
Price: $495.00 
orvis mirage big game 5 fly reel
black nickel
Price: $250.00 
orvis mirage big game 6 fly reel
killer reels
Price: $535.00 
orvis mirage big game 7 shallow fly reel
freaky fast pickup
Price: $545.00 
orvis mirage large arbor 1 fly reel
line wts 1-3
Price: $425.00 
orvis mirage large arbor 2 fly reel
line wts 3-5
Price: $445.00 
orvis mirage large arbor 3 fly reel
great streamer reel!
Price: $475.00 
Orvis M's Endura Stockingfoot Waders
tougher and more comfy than ever
Price: $159.00 
Orvis PractiCaster
wow is this cool!

Price: $39.00 
Orvis Safe Passage Kit Bag
new for 2011
Price: $145.00 
Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack
top seller for years
Price: $89.00 
Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack
new camo for 2012
Price: $89.00