Mad River Outfitters


Adams Dry Fly
a classic, must have dry fly
Price: $1.65 
Adams Parachute
needs no introduction
Price: $1.95 
orvis adjustible fly boxes
huge selling items
Price: $12.95 
avalon keel crab fly
killer flats fly!
Price: $5.25 
barracuda tube lure
a must for the salt
Price: $6.95 
orvis big eye dry fly hooks
hook eye is twice the size of regular!
Price: $5.75 
Black Gnat
Price: $1.75 
Black Nose Dace
classic bucktail
Price: $1.95 
Blue Dun
a classic
Price: $1.65 
BWO Sparkle
Price: $1.65 
BWO Thorax
our favorite all-around BWO
Price: $1.65 
Chain Reaction Leech
a most versatile fly!
Price: $4.95 
robinson's chicken hawk fly
Price: $1.95 
Comfy Grip Tungsten Carbide Nippers
great nippers from Orvis
Price: $13.95 
Craw Dawg
interesting new crayfish pattern
Price: $3.95 
Double Tungsten Stone fly
One of our Favorites
Price: $2.25