Mad River Outfitters

Dr. Slick

dr slick 5" prism clamps hemostats
extra layer of protection
Price: $16.50 
Dr. Slick 6" Hook File
for the big boys!
Price: $16.00 
dr. slick bishop forceps tweezers
great set of tweezers for the bench or the stream
Price: $8.00 
dr slick brass hair stackers
three sizes
Price: $15.00 
dr slick 4" hook hone sharpener
double sided with groove- 4"
Price: $10.00 
dr. slick finishing scissors
a favorite of many
Price: $16.00 
dr. slick fly tying tool set
great starter tool set
Price: $60.00 
dr slick hemostats forceps
standard hemostats from Dr. Slick!
Price: $13.50 
dr slick half hitch tools
Price: $8.00 
dr. slick iris scissors
a classic
Price: $14.00 
dr. slick cuda pliers
from Dr. Slick
Price: $30.00 
dr. slick 3.5" micro tip arrow scissors
the 3.5" arrow scissor in a very, very fine point version
Price: $19.00 
Dr. Slick Mitten Clamps
great with gloves/mittens
Price: $19.00 
dr. slick neck lanyard
great selling lanyard
Price: $36.00 
Dr. Slick Preparation Scissors
the big dog!
Price: $39.00 
dr. slick 4" all-purpose prism scissors
titanium nitride coating
Price: $18.00 
dr. slick prism hair scissors
titanium nitride coating
Price: $18.00 
dr. slick razor scissors
holy cow these are sharp!
Price: $29.00