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Scott fly rodsLooking for Scott fly rods? Mad River Outfitters carries a wide selection of fly rods from most of the major manufacturers and they are all featured on our easy-to-use and very secure online store. Not to mention, all orders over $25.00 are FREE of shipping charges. We are proud to be a dealer for the Scott Fly rod company…..recognized as a leader in fly rod technology.

At Scott fly rods, they have spent the past thirty years working on ways to refine the performance of our tools- experimenting intensely with different fibers, new resins, tapers, reinforcement materials, and a variety of construction techniques to put them all together.

The rods are put to test on the water, because that's where it really counts. Each Scott fly rod progresses through a lengthy prototype phase, fished and refined with the invaluable help from their pros and dealers. After all, a rod that only works with a yarn "fly" out in the shop's parking lot isn't really any help to you.

Chasing new species and discovering ways to pursue old favorites keeps Scott fly rods examining the rods that they make so as your fishing changes, the performance you expect from a Scott rod remains at the apex.

So, whether looking for your 1st fly rod, or one for that special trip…..check out Mad River Outfitters. We have a Scott fly rod for you! We are proud to represent the fly fishing industry and serve our customers with the finest products and exceptional service. Fly Fishing rods and reels, flies, tackle, trips, classes and seminars….we have it all.

 Check out our easy-to-use online store which offers FREE shipping on all orders over $25.00

All models and series of Scott Fly Rods featured here:

Scott S4 Fly Rods

Scott S4s Saltwater Fly Rods

Scott G2 Fly Rods

Scott F Series Fly Rods

Scott SC Bamboo Fly Rods

Scott X2s Saltwater Fly Rods

Scott Bluewater Fly Rod

Scott T2H Two-Handed Spey Rods

Scott A3 Fly Rods

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Scott Fly Rods

813 Bethel Rd.

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