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Greg Senyo Stuff

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Greg Senyo is one of the more influential fly tyers in the Great Lakes Region. Especially when it comes to steelhead and salmon patterns. He has also developed some innovative materials to tie those flies with, along with the help of Hareline Dubbin, Enrico Puglisi and the folks at Flymen Fishing Company.

Mad River Outfitters works very closely with Greg and we are always trying to keep up with his latest! Here, we have put together a page that will be featuring the stuff that he uses...all in one convenient place to shop.
opal mirage lateral scale
Price: $4.69
opal mirage lateral scale 1/16
Price: $4.50
lagartun mini flat braid
Price: $5.79
barred ostrich
Price: $4.95
pro finn raccoon
Price: $17.00
pro flexitubes
Price: $5.99
pro jungle cock hd
Price: $12.00
Senyo's Shaggy Dub
Price: $1.49
Senyo's Wacko Hackle
Price: $2.15
Spey Plumes
Price: $2.95
trout beads
Price: $2.50