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Greg Senyo Stuff

Greg Senyo is one of the more influential fly tyers in the Great Lakes Region. Especially when it comes to steelhead and salmon patterns. He has also developed some innovative materials to tie those flies with, along with the help of Hareline Dubbin, Enrico Puglisi and the folks at Flymen Fishing Company.

Mad River Outfitters works very closely with Greg and we are always trying to keep up with his latest! Here, we have put together a page that will be featuring the stuff that he uses...all in one convenient place to shop.
Articulated Wiggle-Tail Shanks
from Flymen FF Co.
Price: $3.95 
clear cure goo flexible syringe
soft, chewy and supple
Price: $12.95 
Clear Cure Goo Pro Curing LIght
specifially for CCG
Price: $32.95 
copic air brush starter set
super cool
Price: $29.95 
copic sketch markers for fly tying
as is or airbrush
Price: $6.59 
Daiichi 2553 Red Octopus Hook

hot hook right now!
Price: $6.09 
Staple flash material!
Price: $4.00 
Flashabou- Holographic
Price: $4.95 
speckled flashabou
awesome stuff
Price: $3.69 
Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hooks
great for tube flies
Price: $4.89 
lady amherst pheasant tail feathers
gorgeous feathers
Price: $16.95