Mad River Outfitters

TFO Fly Reels

TFO has really come on strong the past few years with their fly reels. We carry a few reels of theirs that we really love. The BVK is a superlight, high performance reel at a moderate price. The Prism reel is possibly the best value ever offered in a fly reel.....period. A "go to" for folks looking for a steelhead/salmon/salwater reel at under $100.00
tfo bvk 0 fly reels
killer click and pawl
Price: $160.00 
tfo bvk fly reels
one of our favorites!
Price: $240.00 
tfo bvk 2 fly reels
Price: $250.00 
tfo bvk 3  plus fly reel
Price: $299.95 
tfo bvk 4 fly reels
Price: $325.00 
tfo prism large arbor fly reels
great value
Price: $95.00