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Tenkara Rods

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Traditional Japanese Tenkara rods featured here from Tenkara USA and Temple Fork Outfitters.
Each Tenkara USA model was designed and developed by Daniel Galhardo, Tenkara USA founder, to meet a few but important criteria: feel good for fishing, remain true to the tenkara tradition, have it's own niche and little overlap with other models, and be an outstanding tool for fly-fishing.
Temple Fork Outfitters brings us two simple "Soft Hackle" models that are of course excellent rods that come with two tip sections.
tenkara usa rhodo rod
Price: $215.00
Tenkara- The Kit
Price: $44.00
tenkara sato rod
Price: $215.00
tenkara ito rod
Price: $235.95
tenkara iwana rod
Price: $157.00
tenkara amago rod
Price: $169.95
tfo cutthroat tenkara rod
Price: $200.00
tfo soft hackle tenkara rods
Price: $225.00
tenkara usa rod bag
Price: $15.00
tenkara rod caps
Price: $7.50