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New in Fly Tying

New Fly  Tying Items Found Here!
oasis thread rack
very functional piece from Oasis
Price: $36.95 
trout beads
Price: $2.50 
hmh beads for tube flies

Now available- beads for tubes!

Price: $5.49 
Ultra GSP Thread
strongest thread on the planet
Price: $3.69 
Ultra Wire- Brassie Size
for flies 18-22
Price: $1.59 
Ultra Wire- Large
flies 6-12 or so
Price: $1.59 
Ultra Wire- Medium

medium wire in a variety of colors

Price: $1.59 
Umpqua U001
Price: $5.75 
Umpqua U001
1XL Nymph/Wet
Price: $6.75 
Umpqua U001
2XL Nymph/Wet
Price: $7.25 
Umpqua U001
Curved nymph
Price: $5.75 
Umpqua U301
3XL Nymph/Streamer
Price: $9.25 
Umpqua U302
4XL Streamer
Price: $9.25 
Uni Big Fly Thread
400 denier!
Price: $3.09 
Wasatch Small Fur Comb
finer than the Griffin
Price: $14.59 
Whiting 100 Packs
enough to tie 100 dries!
Price: $18.00 
Whiting Hackle Gauge
the best quality
Price: $20.00