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Getting Started in Fly Fishing

Below we have put together a category of products that we think will be helpful to you in your 1st stages of the sport....including a few value priced outfits. Be sure to also check out the Fly Casting and Knot Tying categories for more good starter stuff.
For more information and links on Getting Started in Fly here!
Please, if you have any questions whatsover, drop us a line....we can help!k
Redington Crosswater 9' 8wt 4pc
perfect entry level
Price: $89.95 
redington crosswater fly rod outfits
5wt, 6wt and 8wt
Price: $129.95 
minnow kids fly fishing outfit from redington
especially for kids!
Price: $99.95 
redington path fly rods
incredible value
Price: $129.95 
redington path fly rods
4 pc at $129
Price: $129.95 
redington path fly fishing outfits
great line and lifetime warranty
Price: $189.95 
ross fly start fly reels
Starting at $60.00......WOW!
Price: $60.00 
Temple Fork Outfitters 8'6" 5wt 2pc
best selling beginner rod!
Price: $99.95 
TFO Bug Launcher Fly Rods
kids 1st rod
Price: $89.95 
tfo nxt fly rod and reel outfit
8'6" 4/5 Outfit
Price: $219.95 
tfo nxt fly rod and reel outfit
9' 5/6 Outfit
Price: $219.95 
tfo nxt fly rod and reel outfit
9' 8/9 Outfit
Price: $224.95 
tfo office rod
THE one to have!!
Price: $49.95 
TFO Pro Special fly rods
unbelievable deal!!!
Price: $99.00 
TFO Signature Series II Fly Rods
incredible value

Price: $124.95 
The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide

Tom Rosenbauer- PB- newly revised for 2007!
Price: $24.95 
Tie Fast Knot Tyer
best nail knot tool there is!
Price: $11.50 
tite loop fly casting training wristband
Price: $5.95 
Umpqua Fly Tying Tool Kit
a complete starter set
Price: $32.99 
Wulff Wrist-Lock
great teaching aid
Price: $13.95