Mad River Outfitters

Fly Fishing Chest Packs

Just a sampling of some of our favorites. The new Orvis Safe Passage stuff is really great and the price is right. Please keep in mind that we can get anything whatsoever from any of our Vendors catalogs or websites.....just let us know.

patagonia vest front sling
best in category!
Price: $89.00 
orvis safe passage angler's day pack
two colors- now 1/2 price
Price: $84.50 
Safe Passage Micro Chest Pack
now 40% OFF
Price: $39.00 
simms dry creek tech pouch
handy! and now 40% OFF
Price: $11.97 
simms headwaters sling pack fury orange
a serious player in this game!
Price: $89.95 
simms superfly patch
Price: $9.95