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Temple Fork Outfitters basically revolutionized the "Low End" of fly rods with the Lefty Kreh Signature Fly rods! Owner, Rick Pope states that "Working with Lefty has been a dream come true. His passion, limitless energy and desire to raise the standard of fly rod performance has been amazing. Believe this....when Lefty puts his 50 years of experience into designing a series of rods, it will be worth your time to cast one."

Lefty knows that flyfishing is not an elitist sport, that affordable high performance rods are what fly fishers have been looking for, and that those who want to get started need rods that will be cherished and perform for life. For the money, we are pretty sure that these rods can't be beat. Lifetime warranty on nice casting IM6 flyrods. Break a rod?....just send a $25.00 check along with the pieces and Temple Fork sends you a new rod just as quick as UPS can get it to you.

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BVK Fly Rods from TFO
thanks Flip and Lefty!
Price: $240.00 
tfo cutthroat tenkara rod
8'6" Tenkara Rod
Price: $200.00 
tfo esox musky fly rods
muskies beware!
Price: $280.00 
TFO Finesse Glass fly rods
slow is the new cool
Price: $199.95 
tfo mangrove series fly rods by flip pallot
designed by Flip!
Price: $240.00 
tfo padded travel rod case
very cool product
Price: $50.00 
TFO Pro Special fly rods
unbelievable deal!!!
Price: $70.00 
TFO Finesse Fly Rods
traditional taper fly rods
Price: $170.00 
TFO Clouser Fly Rods
"No more Chuckin' and Duckin'
Price: $240.00 
TFO Axiom fly rods
HOT rods!
Price: $275.00 
TFO Bluewater series Fly Rods
heavy lifting rods
Price: $275.00 
TFO Signature Series II Fly Rods
incredible value

Price: $119.95 
TFO Mini Mag Fly Rods
powerful fishing tools
Price: $225.00 
TFO Deer Creek Switch Rods
excellent choice!
Price: $350.00 
TFO Deer Creek Spey Rods
great choice
Price: $380.00 
TFO Bug Launcher Fly Rods
kids 1st rod
Price: $90.00 
TFO Casting For Recovery Fly Rods
TFO helps fight breast cancer!
Price: $150.00 
tfo soft hackle tenkara rods
10'6" and 11'6"
Price: $225.00