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Steelhead, Salmon and Spey Fly Rods

Tried and tested steelhead, salmon and spey type fly rods!

Selecting the right rod for the the price you need, is pretty critical for the salmon and steelhead fishing, epecially in the Great Lakes Region. We have worked long and hard to find the right sticks for the a varitey of they are.

Be sure to check out the Cool Steelhead Stuff page for all of the popular accessories!

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Orvis Clearwater Fly Rods
10' Steelhead/Salmon

Price: $225.00 
Orvis Clearwater Fly Rods
10 and 12wt

Price: $225.00 
orvis helios 2 switch rods
holy switch rods!
Price: $885.00 
Redington Dually Spey and Switch Fly Rods
incredible value
Price: $249.95 
redington path fly rods
incredible value
Price: $129.95 
Redington Voyant Fly Rods
top value
Price: $189.95 
scott a4 salmon and steelhead fly rods
best sellers

Price: $395.00 
Scott L2H Fly Rods
new 2-handers

Price: $545.00 
TFO Deer Creek Spey Rods
great choice
Price: $424.95 
TFO Deer Creek Switch Rods
excellent choice!
Price: $379.95 
Winston BIIIx 10' 7 weight

 ultimate high-stick rod for steelhead

Price: $767.00 
sage ballistic spey combo cases
rod/reel combo
Price: $60.00