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Tibor and Billy Pate Fly Reels

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                                                       Tibor and Billy Pate Fly Reels
 In 1976, Ted Juracsik revolutionized the saltwater fly fishing industry with his design of the Billy Pate fly reel. In 1995, he introduced his own line of Tibor reels, and in 1999, the freshwater TiborLight series. All three reinvented industry standards for fly reel quality, design and durability.

In addition to custom colors, you can take the expression of your passion for fly fishing a step further with their exclusive engraved game fish images. Please give us a call or drop us an e-mail for further information on colors and engraving....although they can now be pretty easily selected here.

Remember that if you don't see exactly what you want here, just let us know and we can get it for you.
Tibor Signature 11-12
Price: $865.00
Tibor Signature 7-8
Price: $775.00
Tibor Signature 9-10
Price: $795.00
Tibor Gamefish Engraving
Price: $55.00
Tibor Colors
Price: $0.00
Tibor Everglades
Price: $640.00
Tibor Riptide
Price: $670.00
Tibor Gulfstream
Price: $735.00
Tibor Pacific
Price: $768.00
billy pate salmon fly reel from tibor
Price: $500.00
tibor billy pate bonefish fly reel
Price: $530.00
billy pate tarpon fly reel from tibor
Price: $565.00
Tibor Spring Creek CL
Price: $365.00
Tibor Tailwater CL
Price: $382.00
Tibor Spey Reel
Price: $860.00
Tibor Spey Reel 8-10
Price: $795.00