Mad River Outfitters

Sinking and Intermediate Fly Lines

Our choices for sinking tips and sinking lines that should cover you for just about anything! We feel this represents a selection to cover just about ANY situation.
Drew's Speed Loops
braided loop connectors
Price: $5.50 
Orvis Hydros 3D Depth Charge
excellent sinking line!
Price: $95.00 
Rio In-Touch Deep 7
the best for lake fishing
Price: $79.95 
Rio In-Touch Level T sinking line
in-touch and price drop
Price: $29.95 
SA Custom Cut Express Tips
great idea!
Price: $19.95 
SA Galloup Streamer Express
the new Kelly streamer line
Price: $79.95 
SA Mastery Uniform Sink Plus
Class III and V graduated density sinking lines
Price: $79.95 
SA Pro Series Sink Tip
great value
Price: $43.00 
SA Textured Streamer Express
mastery sinking lines
Price: $89.95 
Teeny Mini-Tip Fly Lines
an awesome 5' sinking tip!
Price: $58.00 
Teeny T-Series Fly Lines
the original one piece sinking/floating line!
Price: $62.00 
Wulff Triangle Taper Sink Tips
easy casting- 10' head
Price: $65.95