Mad River Outfitters

Float Tube and Kayak Accessories

A selection of just about all of the accessories you might need as a float tuber....including the float tube fins here.
Also a little selection of pumps, paddles, PFDs and the like for the boater and kayaker!
Basic Kayak Paddle
two piece
Price: $79.00 
Belly Boat Anchor
good thing to have!
Price: $19.95 
Buck's Float-Tube Fins
excellent product!
Price: $45.00 
Complete Kayak Fisherman

Ric Burnley- PB

Price: $16.95 
Deluxe Kayak Paddle
from Freedom Hawk
Price: $149.00 
motor mount for freedom hawk kayaks
great add-on
Price: $109.00 
freedom hawk kayaks push and stake out poles
two versions
Price: $179.00 
Fin Savers
protect your investment!
Price: $9.95 
freedom hawk kayaks fly rod adaptor
for the FHK
Price: $45.00 
Folding Canoe/Kayak Anchor
Price: $20.00 
Hand Pump
doulbe action hand pump
Price: $15.00 
HR Inflation Adapter
fits Halkey-Roberts valves
Price: $9.00 
Inflation Adapter
must have for float tubers!
Price: $9.00 
Kayak Fishing
Cory Routh- PB
Price: $24.95 
Lightweight Flip-Fins
fits over all types of footwear
Price: $24.99 
simms dry creek tech pouch
handy! and now 40% OFF
Price: $11.97 
freedom hawk kayaks stand up paddle
two options
Price: $149.00 
TFO Mangrove Push Pole Components

tfo push pole parts

Price: $49.95