Mad River Outfitters

Bass- Panfish and Bass and Smallmouth

All flies are tied on chemically sharpened hooks and come from reputable manufacturers like Umpqua, Orvis, Spirit River, Rainy's and others.
Below is a listing of some of our favorite flies for smallmouth and panfish but they also crossover for just about any warmwater type fish. If you can't find what you need here, let us know and we can help!
crappie special fly yellow
works on bluegill too!
Price: $2.50 
Fat Man Ant
monster foam ant
Price: $1.95 
femme fatale fly fire tiger
deadly on bass
Price: $5.95 
femme fatale fly natural
wicked action
Price: $5.95 
femme fatale fly red white
crazy awesome new fly
Price: $5.95 
Fishy's Creepy Crawly Spider
very unique fly!
Price: $1.95 
Franke Hellgramite
great bottom bouncer
Price: $1.95 
Furminsky's Hellgramite
Super Buggy
Price: $3.75 
galloup's trick or treat fly
sexy little streamer from Kelly Galloup
Price: $3.75 
Galloup's Zoo Cougar
new colors!
Price: $3.95 
Gummy Minnows size 2
incredible flies!
Price: $6.95 
Gummy Minnows size 6
works on anything!
Price: $6.95 
hoover mover carp fly
Great new carp fly
Price: $3.95 
j's little devil fly chartreuse
crappie jig
Price: $2.29 
j's little devil fly orange
killer panfish and crappie
Price: $2.29 
Lil' Bugger
the now famous
Price: $1.95 
ehler's long strip crayfish fly olive
excellent tie!
Price: $3.95 
ehler's long strip crayfish fly orange
we LOVE this fly!
Price: $3.95 
May's Identity Crisis
multi-use for sure
Price: $2.95