Mad River Outfitters

Fly Fishing Gadgets and Thermometers

Fly Fishing is definitely a gadget oriented sport.....and a thermometer is a must have in any kit bag.
Here is a selection of all the gadgets that we have found useful over the years. Some new, some old-standbys.
20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader
works great!
Price: $9.95 
fishpond flatiron tool pouch
super handy
Price: $24.95 
fishpond piopod micro trash container


Price: $12.95 
loon uv mini lamp
for all Loon UV products
Price: $14.95 
Magnetic Rod Guard
great idea!
Price: $9.95 
simms superfly patch
Price: $9.95 
Simms Thirsty Trout Keychain
great gift item!
Price: $5.95 
Simms Waterproof Tech Pouch
great selling item
Price: $24.95 
Smith Creek Rig Keeper
double rigs or tenkara
Price: $21.95 
Smith Creek Rod Clip
wildly useful
Price: $24.95 
Smith Creek Trash Fish
do your part!
Price: $15.95