Mad River Outfitters

Tube Fly Materials

The truth of the matter is.....any fly tying material CAN be a tube fly material as well...but.....
We have put together a selection of stuff here that is certainly popular with the tube fly save you jumping around the site to find what you need.
* Please remember to see the standard materials section for one of the internet's best fly tying selections.
Black Bear
Price: $1.95 
hmh tube fly coneheads
specilly drilled to fit over tubes!
Price: $6.49 
hmh custom drilled tungsten coneheads
fit over micro tubing
Price: $5.99 
dr slick synthetic scissors
specially for cutting today's synthetics
Price: $13.00 
Egg Veil
great addition to any egg fly
Price: $2.25 
EP Sparkle
Enrico Puglisi's sparkle material
Price: $5.89 
Staple flash material!
Price: $4.00 
speckled flashabou
awesome stuff
Price: $3.69 
hmh tube fly starter kit
great way to start!
Price: $44.95 
Ice Wing Fiber- 8"
great for baitfish patterns
Price: $2.25 
Krystal Flash
The original!
Price: $3.95 
Marabou- Strung
A staple item!
Price: $2.49 
pro tube conediscs
optimal shape
Price: $6.99 
pro finn raccoon
much sought after
Price: $17.00 
pro tube hook guides
for micro and nano tubes
Price: $5.99