Mad River Outfitters

Specialty and Misc.

fine grizzly barred rubber legs
nymphs or dries
Price: $4.95 
Gummi Body
overskin for Gummi Minnows
Price: $2.75 
Gummi Flash Foil
for Gummies but many other uses
Price: $2.29 
Life Cycle Wing Stencil Set
create realistic wing shapes easily
Price: $13.89 
Lip-Stik Mayfly Bodies
very realistic mayfly extension bodies
Price: $2.49 
minnow body wrap
used for the game changer
Price: $4.99 
Mottled Web Wing
great for wings of any type!
Price: $2.95 
Parachute Post Material
great for parachutes and thorax style dries
Price: $2.39 
pro jungle cock hd
better than the real
Price: $12.00 
Quill Stems
for quill bodies
Price: $3.29 
flymen fishing company sculpin helmets
from Flymen
Price: $6.65 
Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire
perfect for artiulated flies!
Price: $5.49