Mad River Outfitters

Feathers, Marabou

barred cdc feathers
cdc fans rejoice!
Price: $4.95 
Bass/Salt Grizzly Necks
Great necks for salt and bass tying!
Price: $22.95 
Bugger Packs- Whiting Farms
specially selected for Wooly Buggers!
Price: $16.00 
CDC Feathers
the best quality we have ever seen!
Price: $3.50 
CDC Puffs
the best quality oiler puffs on the market!
Price: $4.00 
Deceiver Hackle
specially selected
Price: $3.95 
Duck Quills
standard for dry and wet fly wings
Price: $1.75 
natural emu feathers
perfect nymph gills
Price: $2.75 
Golden Pheasant- Complete Head
crest and tippets
Price: $8.95 
Golden Pheasant Tippets
Royal Coachman Tails!
Price: $4.95 
Goose Biots
Price: $1.45 
Goose Quills
natural gray
Price: $1.50 
Goose- Select  Shoulder
must for traditional salmon flies
Price: $3.50 
Grizzly Hen Saddles
matuka and sculpin feathers!
Price: $12.50 
Hen Back Patch
great for soft hackles!
Price: $4.75 
Hungarian Partridge Feathers
soft hackle staple- natural and colors
Price: $3.25 
Hungarian Partridge Skins
A must for soft hackle tyers! Natural and dyed
Price: $27.95