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Tube Fly Hooks

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Premium quality hooks for tubes- short shank and straight-eye for most tube patterns. We offer a selection of hooks giving you a complete range for most freshwater and many saltwater (salmon/steelhead) patterns. X510 is Daiichi's hot new hook with exceptional penetration; great for steelhead and salmon. 1650 and 1640 are same profile, but 1650 is 2X wire. Also featured here is the Tiemco 105 which is a standard hook accross the board for many applications- but really great for tube flies!

Daiichi 1640
Price: $5.39
Daiichi 1650
Price: $5.39
Daiichi X510
Price: $8.09
hmh junction tubing small
Price: $1.59
pro tube hook guides
Price: $5.99
Tiemco 105
Price: $9.25