Mad River Outfitters

Synthetics and Flash

Baitfish Emulator Flash
killer stuff!
Price: $4.49 
Bett's Z-Lon
Many uses!
Price: $6.19 
Big Fly Fiber
For saltwater & pike flies!
Price: $4.50 
blane chocklett's body wrap
for game changers and more
Price: $6.95 
Craft Fur
popular for bonefish and permit patterns!
Price: $1.95 
flymen flshing company CrawBody crawbodies
tie realistic crayfish
Price: $3.85 
dr slick synthetic scissors
specially for cutting today's synthetics
Price: $13.00 
Egg Veil
great addition to any egg fly
Price: $2.25 
EP Fibers
standard EP- just a few colors here that aren't available in the 3D including white
Price: $5.95 
EP Fibers- 3D
perfectly blended colors of Enrico's EP fibers
Price: $6.95 
EP Silky Fibers
Standard Silky Fibers in a few needed colors not available in the 3D
Price: $5.75 
EP Silky Fibers 3D
more supple and full of life than EP fibers- great for small streamers
Price: $6.49 
EP Sparkle
Enrico Puglisi's sparkle material
Price: $5.89 
Price: $3.49 
Fibetts Nylon Tailing Material
the ultimate mayfly tails!
Price: $2.69 
Staple flash material!
Price: $4.00