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Pro NanoTubes




Pro Sportfisher went back to the drawing board to create a unique type of tubes to accommodate the new "Scandinavian" style of flies, with fewer materials, while maintaining excellent swimming and sinking characteristics. The result is a system that allows flies to be tied fast, and fish extremely well.

The Pro NanoTube is a smaller version (but longer shaft) of the microtube. The rear part (or the tag) is smaller and shorter than the MicroTube and has two "barbs" for better hold of a HookGuide. These still accept all of the cones and accessories but are often used without weights. There are two styles that also have some weight to themselves allowing a sink rate without adding additional materials to the fly.

Dark Gray is sink rate 2- medium and Black is sink rate 4- fast

14 tubes to a pack on the floating and 10 to a pack on the sinking.

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