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Bottoms Up- Galloup's

- white size 2

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kelly galloups bottoms up white
The Tips-Up is the first streamer to create action without you doing a thing. This fly has a floating rear end so when you stop stripping the fly, the tail tries to float back up-- automatically creating action to the fly. Hard to see from the picture but there are two foam popper heads tied into the 2nd hook on this fly. Great action! Perfet when fished with Kelly's new floating streamer line. This fly has produced some of the biggest fish we have ever seen in the Mad River.
Galloup's Bottoms Up is a great crayfish pattern in the Cinnamon color, as well as an exceptional general attractor pattern in all of the available colors. It is sold here in white in a size 2 but also available in cinamon, olive and black.
**Please note that this fly is also referred to as the "Tips-Up" in some places including Kelly's website but the official name from Rainy's is the bottoms up

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