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Maxima Clear




Perhaps the most versatile of all Maxima fishing lines, Clear is super soft.....yet stiff, and retains Maxima's tough, high-durability finish for exceptional abraision resistance. Virtually invisible under water, Maxima's Clear meets a wide range of fresh and saltwater fishing situations.

Great all-around saltwater leader material. This is what Flip and Lefty use on a regular basis for all types of saltwater applications. This is our most often used material for building "casting" leaders for streamers, salt, bass, pike, musky etc.

Maxima Clear

40lb = .024"
30lb = .022"
25lb = .020"
20lb = .017"
15lb = .015"
12lb = .013"
10lb = .012"
8lb = .010" 1X

Sold here in the leader wheels as shown. 8-25lb contain 27 yards and 30-40lb contain 17 yards

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