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New in Fly Tying

New Fly  Tying Items Found Here!
Polar Chenille- UV
great addition to any streamer/steelhead
Price: $3.49 
Predator Holo Flashabou
20 inches!
Price: $9.25 
Premo Deer Hair Strips
awesome stuff- and alot of it
Price: $10.50 
pro tube conediscs
optimal shape
Price: $6.99 
pro finn raccoon
much sought after
Price: $17.00 
pro tube flexineedle tool
fits in your vise
Price: $17.00 
pro flexitubes
great design
Price: $5.99 
pro tube hook guides
for micro and nano tubes
Price: $5.99 
pro jungle cock hd
better than the real
Price: $12.00 
Pro Lite- FTL100
hot item!
Price: $120.00 
marble arctic fox from pro tube
the best!
Price: $8.50 
pro tube micro tubes
Price: $5.99 
pro tube softheads
keep your eyes on!
Price: $6.99 
pro tube soft sonic discs
super cool
Price: $5.99 
pro tube coneheads for tube flies
coneheads for tubes
Price: $6.99 
pro tube flexiweights
easily add weight
Price: $6.99 
Rainy's Dinks
foam slider bodies
Price: $3.99 
Rainy's Pee Wee Pops
easy and effective bluegill poppers!
Price: $5.29 
flymen fishing company realfly colored bead heads
anodized, colored beads
Price: $3.79