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Scott Fly Rods

Scott Fly RodsScott High Performance Fly Rods-Telluride, Colorado. The choice of "fish-bums" worldwide......almost a cult classic. All Scott Rods are handcrafted right there in their Colorado factory. They are a very innovative and interesting company and certainly one of today's leaders in fly rods. Mad River Outfitters has been proud to sell Scott fly rods for over 16 years now!

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Scott M Series Fly Rods
the finest craftmanship

Price: $995.00 
scott radian fly rods
best of show
Price: $795.00 
Scott Tidal Fly Rods
new for 2015
Price: $475.00 
Scott Tidal Musky Fly Rod
great offering
Price: $475.00 
scott s4s saltwater fly rods
One of the best if not the....

Price: $775.00 
scott g2 fly rods
The  Ultimate Presentation Tool

Price: $745.00 
scott f2 fiberglass fly rods
Fantastic fiberglass rods

Price: $645.00 
scaott a4 fly rods
great value

Price: $395.00 
scott a4 salmon and steelhead fly rods
best sellers

Price: $395.00 
Scott L2H Fly Rods
new 2-handers

Price: $545.00