Mad River Outfitters

Multi-Tools and Knives

Below is a selection of multi-tools and knives that we felt were useful items for a fly fisher.
Abel Blade
The finest
Price: $200.00 
Abel Lanyard
perfect companion for the nippers!
Price: $25.00 
Abel Nippers
just awesome!
Price: $50.00 
Abel Nippers in custom colors
same price on colors
Price: $50.00 
Abel Nippers in fish graphics
hand painted
Price: $100.00 
Abel Plier/Knife Combo
another premium accessory
Price: $395.00 
Dr. Slick Preparation Scissors
the big dog!
Price: $39.00 
Simms Thirsty Trout Keychain
great gift item!
Price: $5.95