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Lee Wulff Fly Lines

Triangle Taper fly lines, from Lee and Joan Wulff and Royal Wulff Inc.- just got better! J3 coating makes Triangle Tapers perform like never before: Shooting better, floating higher, repelling water, and lasting longer. This hard-finish coating has a dry feel, which minimizes resistance for longer casts. With J3, the line stays clean and slick for the life of the line! That's because J3 isn't simply a spray that's applied at the factory- it's a specialized coating that's incorparated - actually integrated- into the line itself, giving it years of super-slick performance! Now available on select Royal Wulff Lines.
* Please remember that this is just a sampling of our favorite Wulff products. If you need something from them that you don't see here, let us know and we can get it for you!
wulff triangle taper fly lines
the original!
Price: $69.95 
royal wulff ambush taper fly line
great fly line!
Price: $79.95 
wulff bermuda triangle taper fly line
fantastic flats/saltwater fly line
Price: $79.95